(BLOG 30) Focus and Listening

It’s true.

After living for 64 years, I cannot recall one time in my life that I have created a problem for myself (or others) by listening.

Listening is perhaps the best way there is to communicate “you matter” to another human being.

We live in a world where focus has become more and more difficult. Myriad distractions make it hard for students to stay focused in this 21st century technological culture. Cell phones, computers and peers command the attention of students 24/7. It is up to the teachers to help them learn the fine art of listening and focusing.

When students (or adults) drift away into distracted listening (judgment, their own life on their mind), they are practicing a negative mental habit that will stick with them until they become aware. We teach the Top 20 concept of “Not Now” to deal with these situations. When you find yourself drifting off, simply say to yourself “Not Now” and come back to reality.

Remember this important distinction: listening is not the same thing as agreeing. You can listen empathetically to another person, to be there totally in the moment for them…but that doesn’t mean you have to agree with what they are saying. Human beings have a basic need to be heard, not to be agreed with.

Do your best to listen to someone, to really listen to someone this week. You are giving them a precious gift when you do!

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