Lock into your purpose this week, teachers!

Be ultra-aware of the real reason you are teaching: human development of young people. This purpose can be supported by the goals you try to accomplish each day: delivering content to students, assessing student achievement.

The key to retaining this true purpose is to find a way to lock it in before you get your purpose hijacked at school by a number of obstacles. It’s easy to forget your true purpose when you run into the crazy, fast-paced rat race that is a typical school day environment.

Some teachers use reminders like Post-It notes, a meaningful wristband or picture, or even a self-message on their phone. No matter what physical reminder you choose, it will help you “fix it in your seat before you hit the street.” If you don’t have your purpose front and center as you hit the school parking lot, it’s awfully easy to forget what it is!

Click this link to hear Tom discuss Fix it in Your Seat.

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