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Why Top 20 Training?

It’s no secret that the power of thought plays an essential role in our personal success and happiness to global outcomes. However, when we experience a ‘thinking’ problem, our relationships, families, workplaces and society can get out of balance. Top 20 provides a framework to help bring balance and effectiveness to our personal and professional lives so we can think better, work better and live better.  

What does it mean to be Top 20?

When we are in the Top 20 mode, it means we are thinking, learning and communicating effectively. When we operate out of our Bottom 80 mode, we’re being ineffective in our thinking, learning and communicating. Every person can operate in either capacity. The purpose of our training is to help people become aware of whether they are operating as a Top 20 or Bottom 80 and providing them with strategies to be in their Top 20 mode more of the time. 

Our purpose at Top 20 Training is to help individuals or groups achieve what is possible. In order to do that, we help people identify the conditions that will make that happen. By establishing the right conditions in our lives or culture, amazing things happen.  

How do I get Top 20 to come to my school or business?

 Let’s start with a conversation. After understanding your needs, we can design a program that best fits in terms of content, time, and follow up. We have videos, books, or zoom sessions that can help provide an introduction and preview of our training.

How are the presenters qualified to teach these topics?

Using our teaching, counseling, coaching, and administrative experience, our Top 20 team has trained over 1,000,000 educators and thousands of students. Their high-energy presentations are filled with meaningful stories that share relevant and easily applicable tools and strategies to help your organization fulfill its potential. Top 20 trainings are custom-designed for each organization to effectively meet its goals while enhancing your life and the lives of your group members.  Meet the team.



Why do people hire Top 20?

 Here is what we have heard:

– to think, learn and communicate better 

– for support in solving a problem at your school or business

– to help develop social emotional learning for your staff, students or colleagues

– minimize negativity

– resolve conflict more effectively

– deal with stress 

Do you have any research that supports your work?

Yes, we have done two studies and the results are here (will be linked to the two studies). However, our most powerful “research” comes from participants in our program who tell us about the difference Top 20 Training content has made in their relationships and experiences. We’ve heard from literally thousands of people who have shared how awareness about their own thinking, the power of choice they have every day, and the tools we provide to help with such things as conflict, procrastination, and relevance has instigated positive change. The positive change then leads to better results in relationships and performance (at work or school).