Be ready educators! This is the time of year when you start the laser focus on organizing your classroom and making sure your curriculum is in order. We don’t disagree. The classroom needs to be welcoming and your curriculum needs to be prepped. However, we think there’s an important piece that can get overlooked in the natural preparation for the school year: Human Development.

School is one of the most perfect places to help humans develop. We’re willing to bet that if you went up to almost any student in any school throughout the country and asked them why they go to school, their answers would probably vary from “to learn stuff,” or “because I have to.” Our mission is to change that reality. Students should know WHY they are going to school: to develop as a human.

It’s time to rethink school. It’s time to turn everything upside down, change our FRAMEs on education, and SEE school as the amazing opportunity it truly is.

As a father of four, if you told me I had to send each of my children to a place called “school” so they could “learn stuff” or “because they have to” I would hide them in a suitcase and run for the hills! However, the school I chose to send my children to asked me to send my children to their place called “school” because they will “develop as humans” through the rigors of English, science, math, social studies, physical education, music, and many others classes.

That makes sense to me; that makes sense to us at Top 20 Training.

Does it make sense to you?

Check out a quick video regarding this topic here.

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