This Educator Spotlight comes from an educator that works in a Resource Room in the Henning School District in Henning, MN. This district has been intentionally implementing Top 20 principles and strategies over the last three years. During a recent on-site training session, Top 20 Training Kevin Brennan asked the attendees to share some success stories of how Social-Emotional Learning is positively impacting the school. One of the great examples he heard was from Chris, please read and enjoy.

-I have five 7th-graders who visit me in the Resource Room several times a day. Much of my Top 20 training has been shared with them because they see me making posters or doing bulletin boards, and of course I have talked to them about it too. On this particular day, one student was working on a math assignment. I wanted him to figure out as much as he could on his own as I worked with another student. This student can feel left out if I am not engaging with him, so he will say, “I can’t do this! I’m stupid!” One of the other boys finally got tired of hearing him saying that he’s stupid, and he got up and walked over to the door and said, “Hey!” We all looked at him and he just tapped on the sign that says:



(Lakota Sioux, meaning, “I have intelligence.”)

Thanks for sharing the moment Chris!

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