(Blog 5) The Oxford Dictionary defines culture as “the attitudes and behavior characteristic of a particular social group.” Most of us consider the culture of our home or the culture of our neighborhood as being determined by other people. Many believe that they are “stuck” with the culture at their work place, because it is primarily shaped by fellow workers and those in management. While that might have some basis in truth, it’s not the whole truth. We, as Top 20 individuals, shape our own culture, we are responsible for the environment that surrounds us; Living as a Top 20 is all about empowerment and personal choice. If you are going to spend most of your life in family and work place culture, then you certainly have a huge stake in fashioning that culture.

At Top 20 we have four components that, if they are present in a culture, create the conditions for human potential to develop.

  1. Our #1 Job: We Help Each Other Succeed
  2. We Communicate YOU Matter
  3. We Honor the Absent
  4. We See the Problem, We Own the Problem

For the next four weeks we will break down our 4 Agreements to Building Positive Culture in a school, workplace, or community. These pieces are part of our Live Training Presentations on Culture. Week One will discuss our #1 Job for Building Positive Culture: Help Others Succeed. Stop back next week to learn more.