I can’t seem to get through to that ONE student. I’m confused.

I wonder how to make The Epic of Gilgamesh relevant. I’m confused.

I don’t seem to understand fractions. I’m confused.

What’s the difference between a verb and a gerund? I’m confused.

Why don’t I look like the other kids? I’m confused.

Why can’t I seem to find the words to tell her I like her? I’m confused.

I’m not sure who I should vote for. I’m confused.

I can’t seem to make the faucet stop dripping. I’m confused.

Why won’t my lawn mower start after it’s been sitting all winter? I’m confused.

Confusion is natural and necessary. The problem is, when students and adults feel confused, they think they’re NOT SMART ENOUGH, NOT GOOD ENOUGH, and NOT NORMAL. When those feelings take over, rarely do we push through the task or situation at hand and see it through. When we stop trying when CONFUSION appears, we never get the AHA moment of solving the problem.

Try this for a solution: let students know that confusion is a natural and necessary part of the learning process. It’s the feeling we get right before we reach the AHA moment. Remind yourself that it’s natural and necessary when you feel confused. Keep moving forward; keep battling for that AHA!

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