(BLOG 10) Knowing the difference between Conditions and Experiences is essential! Teach this to your students the minute you see them!

Check out a quick video regarding this topic:

A fantastic tool for students and adults is to know the power they hold in their mind each and every day. Here’s the blunt reality, in life there are only two kinds of situations: Positive situations and Negative situations. That’s it. We have very little say or control over the situation, or more specifically, the CONDITIONS that are a reality in that situation. We have a choice on the type of energy we bring to that situation, which we will refer to as our EXPERIENCE. To be even clearer, we have very little control over the CONDITIONS we are in, but we have a ton of control over how we EXPERIENCE those conditions.

With that in mind, remind yourself of the power you hold in both positive and negative situations. Instead of using your energy fighting against the conditions, use your energy to experience those conditions in a different way. If you are experiencing an awful condition of a traffic jam, do not expend energy trying to change the traffic jam. Use your energy to experience it in a better way. Turn up the music; make notice of the surrounding trees; call to mind the last time you shared a cup of coffee with your friend.

Finally, the list below showcases being mindful about the conditions we find ourselves in. Too often we are unhappy or fall to complaining because of the conditions we are in,…when in reality, we are the one that chose the conditions to begin with. Remind yourself!

What do Firefighters get when they go to work? FIRE!

What do plumbers get when they go to work? LEAKY FAUCETS!

What do automobile mechanics get when they go to work? BROKEN AUTOMOBILES!

What do Postal Delivery people get when they go to work? PILES OF MAIL TO DELIVER!

What do reading teachers get when they go to work? STUDENTS THAT CAN’T READ!

What do math teachers get when they go to work? STUDENTS THAT CAN’T DO MATH!

What do science teachers get when they go to work? STUDENTS THAT DON’T UNDERSTAND SCIENCE!

What are your conditions and how will you take control of the experience?