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In each session, the Top 20 trainers lead an audience through an interactive and high-energy presentation filled with personal stories, discussion and tips on how to make Top 20 Training concepts come alive in their lives and organization. Each Top 20 topic addresses a specific challenge adults encounter:


Pricing for training is determined by: length of presentation (keynote, half-day, full day, multiple days), travel expenses, and number of trainers. For more information, call 651-308-4876 or email us at

Top 20 Training provides training seminars and materials to help professionals develop their potential.

Tapping into the core competencies of Social-Emotional Learning (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making), Top 20 Training uses common language, easily understood concepts, and practical tools for developing potential and being more effective in dealing with everyday situations and problems. As such, Top 20 has had a profoundly positive effect on businesses and organizations by helping them perform at their highest level and become the best version of themselves.

Frequently presented Top 20 topics include:

1. Living a Top 20 Life
Becoming our Top 20 Selves” focuses on the importance of Social and Emotional Intelligence. Sometimes our inside life is effective, which we call being our “Top 20” selves. Sometimes our Social and Emotional life is ineffective, which we refer to as our “Bottom 80” selves. Both are natural and normal parts of the human experience. This training will help attendees identify when they are operating as Top 20 and As Bottom 80, and suggest ways to navigate though life more effectively when experiencing “Bottom 80” moments. 
2. Top 20s Use Top 20 Thinking: How Our Thinking Governs Our Experience
This session focuses on becoming aware of our thinking so we know when it is working and when it is not working. It explores (1) the conditions that come up in our life that invite us to think like Bottom 80, (2) indicators telling us when we are Bottom 80, (3) how to handle Bottom 80 experiences with more grace and dignity and (4) how to trampoline to Top 20 Thinking. 
3. Top 20s Reduce Negativity: Eliminating Thought Circles and Tornadoes
Experiences and and relationships are diminished by negativity. This session provides attendees with awareness and means for reducing negativity in their own thinking and in their social conversations.
4. Top 20s Create a Top 20 Culture
Top 20s create culture that develops the potential of students and colleagues. This session presents four components of Top 20 culture: (1) help others succeed, (2) communicate ‘you matter,’ (3) honor the absent, and (4) see the problem, own the problem. It also presents tool for assessing the degree to which these components exist in culture. (Best Done in combination with Top 20s Reduce Negativity: Eliminating Thought Circles and Tornadoes).
5. Top 20s Know How to See Things Differently: The Frame
The Frame helps people understand why they are getting the results they are getting out of life. The session examines (1) the tendency we have to blame others when we are not getting the results we desire, (2) how our ‘need to be right’ activates blame, (3) how curiosity helps us to get better results, and (4) what we can do to see more or differently.


6. Top 20s Help Themselves and Others Learn from Mistakes and Move Outside Their Comfort Zone

This session focuses on (1) the beliefs people form about themselves from the messages they receive from others when they make mistake, (2) what keeps people stuck in their comfort zone, and (3) more effective ways of responding to our own mistakes and the mistakes of others.

7. Top 20s Send Messages That Foster Potential Activating Beliefs
People’s success is largely impacted by their beliefs about themselves. This session examines (1) the influence messages have on forming self-limiting beliefs, (2) three laws of belief, (3) process for reducing the negative impact of potential limiting beliefs.



8. Top 20s Resolve Conflict Heart-to-Heart
For most people conflict seldom results in satisfactory resolution. After examining several habitual but ineffective responses to conflict, this session focuses on new way to see conflict. It presents (1) number of strategies for making conflict situations productive for all involved, (2) process for preparing for effective conflict resolution, and (3) simple but practical tool students can use when they have handled situation in problematic way.