Wellness Wednesday – March 31, 2021: HAPPY BIRTH DAY

Let’s revisit a topic we covered in our July 22nd Wellness Wednesday on comfort and risk. I’m going to make an assumption about the most important day of your life…your birth day. Let this picture represent you on that most important day. Why are you crying? Because...

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Wellness Wednesday – March 24, 2021: Comfort Zone

We’ve all seen moments like the one depicted in this picture. Whether experienced in person or just by looking at a picture, we smile. Something magical is happening. Human development is taking place. Our Wellness Wednesday messages consistently focus on growth and...

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Wellness Wednesday – March 10, 2021: Positive Mental Habits

In last week’s Wellness Wednesday, we focused on the power of habits and our need to be aware of their impact on the quality of our relationships and experiences. Let’s begin this week’s message with a simple chart: Choice                         Situation...

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