Wellness Wednesday – June 8, 2023: APPRECIATION 

I’m writing this week’s Wellness Wednesday after returning from a funeral. I did not know Mary, but I have known her wonderful son Steve since he was in high school 30 years ago. I attended Mary’s funeral because I wanted to express to her my appreciation for the way...

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Wellness Wednesday – April 19, 2023: MISTAKES AND FAILURE

Wellness Wednesday -April 19, 2023: MISTAKES AND FAILURE Experiences we encounter have a major impact on the quality of our lives. One of these powerful experiences occurs when we make mistakes or fail. Given the importance of these moments in our lives, the next few...

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Wellness Wednesday – April 12, 2023: EASTON’S WISDOM

Kevin and I enjoyed a special day with students in Caledonia, Minnesota a week ago. As we discussed with them the journey of becoming the best version of themselves, we talked about the importance of belonging…a connection that occurs when we are accepted by others...

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