Hello folks!

If you’ve watched the new Blog Video, you’ve heard about the POWER of the DOOR. A door is in almost every classroom and is surely a part of every school building. Have you given it much thought?

This is what we know about student engagement and disengagement. When students are acknowledged and receive some form of communication that they MATTER, they are more likely to engage. It’s simple. Some students use the survival strategy of disappearing in schools and classrooms as a form of control and as a way of disengaging. When a teacher or staff member greets them at the classroom door or at the entrance to the school building, the student knows they not only matter, but also that they are on another human’s radar. Not the scary radar, but rather the radar of mattering as a human.

With that in mind, use your doors and greet students. Engage them with a hello and let them know they matter and are on your radar. Do it daily. Do it hourly. They’re human beings and you’re in the business of human development.

Good luck!

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