Teachers: it’s oh so tempting to dive right into your content on those first couple days of school. Remember, you’re usually the most excited person in the classroom about your specific content area. Also remember, the students were at the beach or sleeping in last week… the curriculum is not foremost on their minds as they enter the school.

Begin your year with the “Why” not the “How” or the “What.” Once your students see the purpose of what your class is all about, they’ll be far more willing to engage in the learning process.

The purpose is the human development of young people, not standardized test scores or grade point averages. Star Qualities like self-discipline, persistence and creativity are the real “why” behind science, math or Spanish classes.

Students will routinely ask teachers questions like, “when am I ever going to use this content in my real life?” Seldom do they wonder where or when they’re ever going to use self-motivation, empathy or compassion!

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