WOW Moments

What’s a WOW moment?

In education, teachers strive to create AHA moments for students. An AHA moment is when the light bulb goes on, content is understood, and learning occurs. It’s a beautiful moment.

A WOW moment is similar. A WOW moment is where someone makes a BIG impact in a small gesture. These moments, although often small, can often change someone’s day or even have a life-long impact.

The Director of Top 20 Training, Paul Bernabei, remembers one vividly. On his first day of high school, he was excited and nervous, like just about every other 9th grade student on the planet. He was at his locker and a student a few lockers down from his was about to run to class, but he stopped, looked at Paul and said, “I’ll save you a seat.” Those five words created a WOW moment that has lasted a lifetime. The student probably didn’t even realize what he created in that moment, but those words made Paul feel more at ease and like he belonged.

Like Paul’s example, the creators of WOW moments don’t often expend a ton of energy or have to plan and plan and plan to create the moment. It just happens.

Here are a handful of examples that have the potential to make an impact:

Holding a door.

Smiling at people you walk by.

High fives.

Checking in with friends or family on how they’re doing.

Inviting someone to your party that you normally wouldn’t.

Doing a chore without being asked.

And the list could go on, and on, and on.

Remember, the moment happens quickly, but can last a lifetime! Never forget how BIG we can be in small moments!

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