Human Development

It’s April and that generally means standardized testing month in most public schools. While these tests give students some meaningful assessment and feedback, they are certainly not the purpose of what we are doing as teachers.

For many schools, teachers and students, these tests are “high-stakes,” as results determine finances, employment and academic rankings. We want you to wonder what the real “high stakes” are right now. The human development of these young people! While learning the content is important, the real “hidden” curriculum in our schools is developing the potential of every young child in our schools.

As the school year winds to a close, it’s easy to get caught up in the “what” and the “how” in the classroom (“Here’s what we are doing, here’s how to do it”). What we really need to focus on as teachers is the big “WHY.” The big WHY is our purpose of human development. Teachers: you have only seven more weeks (or so) to make a lasting, positive impression on these children. You are a gift to them. Remember, once school gets out, many of these young people do not experience a positive environment at home.

It’s a challenge for you to remain patient in the spring. You have experienced many ups and downs already during the school year. It is estimated that teachers make nearly 10,000 decisions per day… make sure that you make a few decisions today that foster the students’ human growth and development.

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