(BLOG 26) Avoiding Social Tornadoes!

Ever spoken poorly about another person?

Ever had a friend come and spill negativity all over you and without even knowing it you’re joining in and dumping negativity right back?

Ever Dishonored the Absent? (speak poorly about someone that isn’t present)

Ever said anything you wish you hadn’t said?

If you’re a human,…the answer is most likely YES! Don’t let the guilt take over your day though, after all, you’re a human and you’re going to have times where you are the Best Version of Yourself and there are time when you are Not the Best Version of Yourself. The goal is to obviously try to bring your Best Self forward as much as possible.

A Social Tornado is when two or more people are together and they are Dishonoring the Absent. Talking poorly about others when they’re not around is far too common. So, here are two tools to stop Social Tornadoes.

Say, “OK.” Say, “I Hear You.”

By saying those two phrases, you are acknowledging the person talking to you while sending a subtle communication that you’re not going to engage in the dumping of negativity. You’re not going to become the person’s ally. You’re not going to play that game with them. It’s a simple, non-confrontational tool to let people know that you only Honor the Absent and that you’re not willing to Dishonor those that are not present.

In summary it’s simple: the world needs more honoring, not dishonoring.

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