(BLOG 25) Eliminate Negativity in Your Thinking: Thought Circles

Negativity has become one of the #1 reasons schools have been contacting us at Top 20 Training. Negativity has become a norm that has been sucking the light out of our lives for far too long.

This week we will attempt to remove negativity in our thinking. At Top 20 Training, when we refer to Thought Circles, we are really referring to those negative thoughts that start small and then gradually grow bigger and bigger as they continue to bounce around our head. Therein lies the problem. Thought Circles are only allowed to grow and take over your day if you let them stay in your head.

Think about it. When a thought comes into your head, unless you have a clear and concise understanding of not only the thought, but also its origin and its overall impact in your life,…it stays in your head, bouncing around the layers of your brain. The thought grows; often becoming bigger, often adding anxiety,…and one of the roughest realties of a Thought Circle is that when it takes over your thoughts, it also takes you off your game.

-If you’re a mother and you have a Thought Circle, your mothering in those moments are fragmented and weighted with the stress you’re feeling.

-If you’re a teacher having a Thought Circle, your lesson is probably faltering and your interactions with students are probably far from rich and authentic.

Here’s the key in defeating them: NOT NOW. Two power words: NOT NOW. Say those words once a Thought starts Circling and stop the thought in its tracks!


By being diligent and practicing, you can stop the thoughts before they take you off your game and before they take your day!

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