PROCRASTINATION: Join the Fight Against this Negative Mental Habit!

“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

“I’m going to start this someday.”

Procrastinators continually promise. It is a natural human behavior to postpone unpleasant or burdensome tasks. Unfortunately, procrastination has a big downside: it sometimes prevents us from accomplishing or achieving the things we want for ourselves.

This Negative Mental Habit has hidden costs. Young people who procrastinate suffer consequences, but they are usually not too costly (a lower grade, a warning from a parent, etc.). That’s the problem. Young people learn to “get away with it” and carry this habit on into adulthood. Carrying this habit into adulthood creates an even bigger problem: the consequences of procrastinating become more severe (a missed flight, a fine from the IRS, a lost job opportunity). Just like boredom, a moment of procrastination is not a problem,…but when procrastination is practiced and practiced and practiced, it runs the risk of becoming a habit.

There is a Top 20 secret about this negative mental habit. Most people will avoid a task because they “don’t feel like it.” In Top 20 mode, we are aware that the DFLIs (Don’t Feel Like It) are never going to go away. No one feels like paying their taxes or weeding their garden. It’s not like some morning you are going to wake up and say “today I feel like paying thousands of dollars to re-roof my house.”

Be mindful and always remember, when you are functioning as a Top 20, you do things even though you don’t feel like doing things, because you’re operating out of the best version of yourself.

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