(BLOG 23) Boredom: Join the Fight Against this Negative Mental Habit!

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Most people believe that boredom is an outside thing. “This meeting is boring,” “Church services are boring,” “School is boring.” When you are in Top 20 mode, you are acutely aware that boredom is an inside thing; it is happening in the six-inch space between your ears. That six-inch space is called your brain.

Remember, you have no power to change outside conditions. Outside conditions are something people spend a lot of energy trying to control or change, but in reality, we usually have very little influence on them. Many people spend their time and energy complaining about the weather, their boss, their lives. Most of these people are unaware that they have the power of choice in every situation, the power to choose their own experience.

Boredom is a Negative Mental Habit, one that will not go away just because the conditions improve. Bored high school students become bored college students. Then they become bored with their jobs, their families, their lives.

Consider your toothbrush. Did you brush with your left hand or right hand this morning? You did not think too much before picking up the toothbrush,…you did it by habit. A moment of boredom is different than a habit of boredom. A moment is no big deal, but a habit is a completely different story.

We need to keep a watchful eye on boredom. We need to limit its influence on our lives. Top 20 thinking is about choosing our own experience, keeping our days filled with meaning and purpose.

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