The principle of mindfulness that states that whatever it is that we are mindful of, we have greater control over it than when we were not mindful The development of mindfulness can be understood by three simple words: Asleep, Awake and Act.

Asleep: Before we are mindful, we are asleep. We go through life unconscious of those things that matter most regarding our experiences and relationships. The fact that we might be unaware of this does not excuse us from its effects.

.Awareness: Awareness is the key to moving from non-mindfulness to mindfulness. We wake up. We are conscious of our feelings, thoughts, beliefs and habits. We come to know these things and can reflect on them.
Action: The third dimension of mindfulness is action. First, we can be aware of actions we have taken in the past. We see actions taken as our choice. Although we may become aware of and accept actions we have been taking, we will still experience the consequences of those actions.

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