In our Top 20 formula S = I.Q. X E.Q., the S stands for Success. We are not thinking of success in terms of money, grades, power, or popularity. Rather, success is a good or positive experience in whatever you are presently involved in.
We define success in three ways:

  • Better thinking which develops your “self smarts.”
  • Better learning which develops your “school smarts.”
  • Better communicating which develops your “people smarts.”

Success means that you do not experience an unhappy teenage life, but rather an interesting and memorable experience — a good ride. Success means that you do not experience failure in accomplishing your goals, but achieve your desired results. In the process of your total experience you develop qualities and talents and become more fully who you are capable of being. In short, successful living involves experiencing as many “ happy days” as possible.

The Big Myth

In school so much of what is focused on is related to your I.Q., your Intelligence Quotient. I.Q. means book smart, our natural brain power, which most people think is the major cause of success in school. You are usually graded and evaluated on I.Q. performance. Consequently, some students in the class feel disadvantaged.  They don’t think they have the smarts that someone else in the class may have. Therefore, they begin to believe that they can’t be as successful. This is the BIG MYTH.

I.Q. is not what makes the difference between the Top 20 and the Bottom 80. Rather, the biggest thing that separates the Top 20 from the rest is that they have more fully developed their E.Q., Emotional Quotient.

Fortunately, E.Q. is another way of being smart. E.Q. is being self smart, people smart, and a new way of being school smart. A person can be successful in spite of not having a high I.Q. if they develop their Emotional Intelligence. The good news is that Emotional Intelligence, unlike Intellectual Intelligence, can be developed and improved. There is a debate in education whether or not we can raise I.Q. We are not concerned about that debate because we know we can wake up your E.Q.

I.Q. and E.Q. can be compared to the wheels of a bicycle.  The back wheel drives the bike and the front wheel steers the bike. The back wheel represents our I.Q. and the front wheel our E.Q. Consequently, where we end up is determined by our E.Q., our front wheel. And it is this front wheel over which we have direct control when we grab the handle bars.

The Anatomy of Your E.Q.

Your E.Q. is made up of three important human characteristics:

EQ = Thinking + Learning + Communicating.

Self Smart
School Smart
People Smart
  • Living with a positive attitude
  • Monitoring your moods and behavior
  • Improving self-confidence and motivation
  • Bouncing back from adversity
  • Finding relevancy
  • Eliminating boredom
  • Developing organizational skills
  • Making realizations
  • Getting along well with others
  • Listening and talking effectively
  • Resolving conflict
  • Becoming immune to negatve influences

The Importance of EQ

Let’s see if we can better understand the importance of E.Q. Imagine
your I.Q. and E.Q. being on a scale of 1-10. If you have an average I.Q.
of 5 and a low E.Q. of 2, your total success score will then be a 10.

Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Example 1: Sally is bright (I.Q. = 8) and has
her hand up all the time. She lacks friends because she is arrogant,
boastful and irritates people. Sally doesn’t have many people
skills (E.Q. = 2). Her success total is only 16.8 x 2 = 16Example 2: Meanwhile, behind Sally sits Andy who
has average brainpower (I.Q. = 5). Andy never gets any A’s
and struggles to get B’s and C’s. But he is dependable,
trustworthy and brings out the best in others (E.Q. = 8). Notice
that Andy’s success total is more than double that of Sally’s.5 x 8 = 40But what if Sally increased her E.Q.? What if she developed some of these Top 20 skills (E.Q.=8)? If so, Sally
would quadruple the “ride” she is taking through high
school.8 x 8 = 64

The secret we want to reveal in this training is that you have the power to raise your E.Q. Therefore, you have the power to steer your bike towards greater success.

You have the power to create a great ride with great results.For many students there is a gap between
their tested I.Q. and their G.P.A. In other words, many bright students are getting poor grades. Their I.Q.
may be 8 but they are performing as if their I.Q. is 4. By increasing their E.Q., they begin to function intellectually at full capacity.  When students with average I.Q. become aware of this possibility, they
see the opportunity for positive change in their own lives.

Things They Never Told You

An important part of life is problem-solving and most of life’s problems are E.Q. related. We know that when adults fail in the real world , it is usually not because they lack intelligence , but because they are unable to work effectively with other people. This is even more true in our family lives and friendships.

For people in leadership positions, E.Q. becomes even more crucial. But the paradox in our educational system is that the primary focus has been historically placed on I.Q. In this training, we are putting 100% of the focus on your E.Q.

Time for Action

How would you rate yourself on the I.Q. and E.Q. scales (1-10)?

In which of the E.Q. areas do you most want to improve:
Self-Smarts?  People-Smarts?  School-Smarts?