Our Current Work Culture


  1. What exists in our current culture that empowers our potential to explode?





  1. What exists in our current culture that limits our potential from exploding?






Job #1: Help Others Succeed


How could I help others succeed in ways that I am not currently doing?




Communicate ‘You Matter’


  1. Seek the other’s benefit.


  1. Listen to understand.


  1. Value differences.




Honor the Absent


            Honor the Absent: Speak well of those who are not present.


            Dishonor the Absent: Speak negatively of those who are not present.


  1. Thin Ice!


  1. Problem Naming or Problem Solving.


  1. Keeping My Lake Clean:


  1. Name is Sacred


  1. Practice the 2-out-of-3 Rule: Say someone’s name.

Say something negative.

Say it to someone else.



See the Problem, Own the Problem



Assessing Our Culture:


8-10    Significantly present in our culture

6-7      Often present in our culture

4-5      Seldom present in our culture

1-3      Significantly absent in our culture


_____            Job #1: Help Others Succeed


_____            Communicate ‘You Matter’


_____            Honor the Absent


_____            See the Problem, Own the Problem





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Top 20’s primary goal is to revolutionize education in America by helping students become more engaged in school and providing teachers with a new way of seeing themselves as relevant educators in the 21st century.

In addition, because it uses common language, easily understood concepts and practical tools for dealing with everyday situations and problems, Top 20 can have a profoundly positive effect on any organization, from business to government to healthcare, enhancing relationships and experiences for all.

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