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Since 2000, Top 20 Training has been empowering youth and adults to make a positive difference in the quality of their lives, relationships and experiences. Read more…

How Is It Used?

In each session, the Top 20 Trainers will lead an audience through an interactive and high-energy presentation filled with personal stories and teaching tips on how to make Top 20 Training concepts come alive in your life and your classroom.  Read more…

Our History

Many people are responsible for the creation of this Top 20 program. Throughout our lives, countless people young and old have shared their experiences, wisdom and life lessons with us.  Read more…

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An Educator’s Job is to Develop Humans (BLOG 32)

Be ready educators! This is the time of year when you start the laser focus on organizing your classroom and making sure your curriculum is in order. We don’t disagree. The classroom needs to be welcoming and your curriculum needs to be prepped. However, we think there’s an important piece that can get overlooked in the natural preparation for the school year: Human Development.

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Educator Prep 101!

Hello Educators!

We hope your summer is providing you with the much-needed rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation that you deserve (and need!). As a former English teacher, I hope you just enjoyed that burst of alliteration.

Check out the new Blog video and hear Kevin’s reminder about getting your head in the right place as the school year approaches. Be sure to check back weekly as we will be adding new videos and blog posts weekly!

Have a great day and be sure to always KEEP YOUR DAY!

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Check back soon for more information about the fall trainings. Here is a flyer from the summer session to give you an idea of what to expect: INFORMATIONAL FLYER