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Feedback (BLOG 36)

Airplane pilots get constant feedback from their air traffic control centers. That’s why they usually end up where they were hoping to end up. Teachers need the same sort of feedback if they want to reach their goals: student achievement.

Many teachers rely on feedback from important sources like fellow teachers, administrators or parents. Perhaps the most important, relevant feedback should be coming from those people who are best able to diagnose the situation in the classroom: the students themselves.

It’s important for effective (Top 20) teachers to establish enough rapport with their students to allow them to help guide and shape the learning process. Many teachers get feedback on year-end evaluations, but that’s much too late to make any meaningful difference.

Teachers: you’re about a month into the school year at this point. Why not call a time out sometime this week to sit down with your classes and see how things are really going in the learning process?

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(BLOG 35) Negativity

One of the biggest enemies of learning is negativity. Sure, sometimes the negativity comes from the students and teachers have very little control over that. What they can control is the negativity that they themselves bring to the table.

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(BLOG 34) Use your Classroom Door as a way to Engage.

Hello folks!

If you’ve watched the new Blog Video, you’ve heard about the POWER of the DOOR. A door is in almost every classroom and is surely a part of every school building. Have you given it much thought?

This is what we know about student engagement and disengagement. When students are acknowledged and receive some form of communication that they MATTER, they are more likely to engage. It’s simple. Continue reading

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