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Since 2000, Top 20 Training has been empowering youth and adults to make a positive difference in the quality of their lives, relationships and experiences. Read more…

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In each session, the Top 20 Trainers will lead an audience through an interactive and high-energy presentation filled with personal stories and teaching tips on how to make Top 20 Training concepts come alive in your life and your classroom.  Read more…

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Many people are responsible for the creation of this Top 20 program. Throughout our lives, countless people young and old have shared their experiences, wisdom and life lessons with us.  Read more…

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(BLOG 30) Focus and Listening

(BLOG 30) Focus and Listening

It’s true.

After living for 64 years, I cannot recall one time in my life that I have created a problem for myself (or others) by listening.

Listening is perhaps the best way there is to communicate “you matter” to another human being.

We live in a world where focus has become more and more difficult. Myriad distractions make it hard for students to stay focused in this 21st century technological culture. Continue reading

(BLOG 29) Affirmations of Students

(BLOG 29) Affirmations of Students

It’s May! It’s May!

As a teacher, you are looking for the light at the end of tunnel,…you have a hundred different things to complete in your curriculum and you’re wondering if it will ever get done. Make sure that you remember to include the students’ human development and growth on your checklist!

Continue reading

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Summer sessions for teachers and educational leaders are now available for sign up in our store, June 27-29 at Cretin Derham Hall High School, 550 South Albert Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55116 INFORMATIONAL FLYER